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A New Moon Rises

The LROC Team at Arizona State University is proud to announce an exciting new exhibit featuring some of the most compelling images collected by LROC over the past six years:...

Published on 26 Feb 2016

Exciting New Results from LROC Data

LROC images are providing important new insights into the geology of the Moon and helping to define key targets for future lunar exploration.

Published on 23 Aug 2010

LROC Coordinates of Robotic Spacecraft

Repeatedly imaging anthropogenic targets on the Moon is an LROC team priority. As each image comes down we carefully search for the hardware (or impact crater). If the target...

Published on 05 Apr 2010

New York Times Editorial on LROC Apollo Images

The New York Times has published an editorial about the LROC images of the Apollo landing sites.

Published on 17 Nov 2009

Apollo 11 Landing Site

We have just released a new video using NAC data to zoom down to Tranquility Base, the Apollo 11 landing site.

Published on 13 Nov 2009

Pointing at distant stars

LROC began performing its star calibrations this week!

Published on 24 Jul 2009

Bakeout complete!

With bakeout complete, the NACs were reactivated over the weekend to begin systematic calibrations.

Published on 13 Jul 2009

New additions to the LROC Image Gallery!

We have added more of our favorite images to the LROC Image Gallery!

Published on 06 Jul 2009

A Bird's Eye View of the Moon

See a spectacular flyover of the lunar surface!

Published on 04 Jul 2009

LROC Commissioning Operations begin today!

LROC has begun commissioning operations!

Published on 03 Jul 2009

Ready for LROC commissioning operations

The LROC Science Operations Center (SOC) team is ready for commissioning imaging to begin once instrument bakeout is complete!

Published on 02 Jul 2009

The LROC Public Targeting Interface is now live!

Share in the adventure as LRO leads the way towards returning humans to deep space!

Published on 29 Jun 2009