A New Moon Rises

The LROC Team at Arizona State University is proud to announce an exciting new exhibit featuring some of the most compelling images collected by LROC over the past six years: “A New Moon Rises: New Views from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera” which opens 26 February at the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum on the National Mall in Washington, D. C.

A New Moon Rises showcases the Moon like you have never seen it before, from breathtaking images of the Apollo landing sites to towering mountains rising out of the darkness of the lunar poles. The images presented in this exhibition reveal our closest celestial neighbor to be a surprisingly dynamic world. You can take an online tour of the exhibit on the LROC webpage.

This exhibition is made possible by the generous support of NASA and Arizona State University.

Published by Samuel Lawrence on 26 February 2016