Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

LROC NAC Image Prerelease

The first Planetary Data System (PDS) LRO data release will occur in mid-March 2010. To help interested users familiarize themselves with LROC data before the official release date, the LROC team will periodically and "informally" release a selection of PDS Experiment Data Records (EDRs).

Drafts of the PDS Software Data Product SIS and Archive Volume SIS will also be released to help users understand the data. Please keep in mind that the labels and/or SIS documents may be updated before the official release next March. The directory structure mimics that of the final release including reduced resolution browse images, histograms, and other ancillary information.

Over 700 NAC frames in PDS EDR format are now available for download:

PDS Software Data Product SIS

PDS Archive Volume SIS

CSV file with image support information

Editors Note: After the first PDS delivery of LROC data (on March 15, 2010), the above test products were made obsolete. The data products (and the links to the data products) were removed. Links to the Data Product SIS and Volume SIS were updated to point to the first data release documents.

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