Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

Journal Kick Off

To kick off the launch of this journal, I'd like to offer up the first post in order to talk about its motivation and goals we hope to achieve...

My name is Andrew, and I am currently an undergraduate Industrial, Systems and Operations Engineering student at Arizona State University, where LROC operations are based. At LROC, I am currently employed as the web developer.  This means I am the person who is primarily responsible for maintaining, developing and making updates and additions to the LROC website (as well as other websites for associated projects).


One of my most recent endeavors has been the creation of this journal. We are constantly striving to make the LROC website as appealing, informative, and useful as possible. One of the things we had always wanted to do was to keep an online journal of posts, straight from our staff, workers, and students, that chronicles our current activities and projects.  Since LRO is safely in lunar orbit, we decided that it was time to begin!

It is our goal that this journal will serve as an interesting and important resource that gives aspiring students and the general public the opportunity to experience our operations and accomplishments as they unfold! As our mission continues, you will get to know each of us and what we do. Perhaps most importantly this journal will offer you a glimpse into what each of us has been doing individually to contribute to the success of LROC as LRO leads the way towards a human return to deep space!

So Students (and Teachers)...

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This might be the first time for some of you checking out our website. We offer a lot of great information, tools, and other resources that you can utilize to follow up on LROC.  Check out some of our coolest website features...

Of course, you can also always access any and all of our information and resources from the LROC Homepage.