Rimae Bürg

Rimae Bürg is a linear rille, with an average width of 2 km. This rille extends into Lacus Mortis for more than 60 km, and continues into the highland terrain, where it becomes obscured and then reappears as a ridge. Illumination from the left, star is location of LROC NAC [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

A portion of the shadowed, southern wall of Rimae Bürg is visible in this subset of LROC NAC image M129127265R. The rille floor (upper left of image) is flat, attesting to the horst-graben normal faulting that is invoked for the formation of many linear rilles. Image width is 500m, illumination from the right [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

Traverse the length of Rimae Bürg in the LROC WAC monochrome mosaic!

Explore the rille floor in the LROC NAC image!


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Published by Lillian Ostrach on 11 February 2011