Chang'e 4 Lander Coordinates

Lander locater images
Following the Chang'e 4 descent frames (CNSA/CLEP) to the surface makes it easy to find the exact landing spot in a NAC image, which was taken before the landing. Note that the NAC image is rotated so north is down to match the Chang'e 4  frames. NAC M1298916428LR [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

Chang'e 4 safely set down on the plains of Von Kármán crater last week (3 January 2019). Soon thereafter a color image of the immediate surroundings was relayed back to the Earth from the farside! The prominent crater (about 25 meter diameter) in front of the lander can be seen just below and to the left of the bottom arrow (below).

Landing site between arrows M1298916428LR
The Chang'e 4 spacecraft set down between the two arrows at 45.457°S, 177.589°E, plus or minus 20 meters.  Full resolution (80 cm pixel scale) NAC image M1298916428LR, acquired on 8 December 2018 (before the landing), note that image is rotated 180° relative to the opening images, north is up. Image width is 880 meters [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]. 

Explore more of the area around the landing site; same image as above, but more of it (80 cm pixels)!

Watch the descent movie again!

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Published by Mark Robinson on 11 January 2019