On the Farside!

M134022629LR Pre-landing image
Safe on the farside, Chang'e 4 set down somewhere in this LROC image obtained 17 July 2010. The lines connect craters seen in the Chang'e 4 descent image (CNSA/CLEP) with the same craters seen in the LROC image. Image width 2700 meters, NAC M134022629LR [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

Scroll around in the full resolution version of the LROC image (below). As more Chang'e 4 images are released, perhaps you can find exactly where the lander set down within Von Kármán crater by comparing features. The next opportunity to image the landing site with LROC will come at the end of January.

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Note that the NAC mosaic shown above was made from raw images available from the NASA Planetary Data System archive.

Published by Mark Robinson on 3 January 2019