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Lunaserv Global Explorer

With LROC's lunar mapping service, Lunaserv, you can rotate the Moon, zoom down to the Moon's surface, deploy exciting image overlays, and much more!

Lunaserv is a Web Map Service (WMS) implementation, much like MapServer and GeoServer. Lunaserv was developed as part of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) project at Arizona State University to circumvent some issues with rendering global non-Earth datasets. The LROC team determined that planetary science creates unique requirements in a map server such as the need for fast and accurate rendering of global datasets, support for the JMARS projection, for IAU2000 spatial reference systems and accurate rendering of non-linear projections.


Quickmap 3D

The LROC NAC is systematically collecting images, with the ultimate goal of complete coverage of the Moon! How to quickly sort through all these data? Quickmap to the rescue!

Quickmap includes overlays of lunar feature names, locations of our featured images, a WAC basemap, WAC topography, NACs with Sun angles to enhance surface features and more. Check back often as the NAC coverage increases, more datasets are added, and updates are made.

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Data Products (EDRs, CDRs, RDRs)

LROC utilizes more than one million collected images in a variety of data products. An EDR (Engineering Data Record) is an image and its associated metadata. A CDR is an EDR that has been decompanded and calibrated. An RDR (Reduced Data Record) can be made from as few as one image or as many as thousands that are processed and reduced for the purpose of, for example, making a mosaic that combines multiple images of a particular area or feature, or a high resolution global digital elevation model created with stereo observations. For information about NAC image processing, check out the LROC NAC Processing Guide.

There are many ways to search through LROC's Data products:

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Lunar Feature Atlases

LROC's lunar atlases feature curated collections of maps and data for regions of scientific interest on the Moon, like permanently shadowed regions (PSRs); regions near the lunar poles that never receive direct sunlight and may contain water-ice and volatiles; and pits, which are remarkable features that provide a window into the lunar subsurface.

PSR Atlas

Pits Atlas

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Featured Downloads

A library of popular products now available for download from the LROC team in one place. Our Moon related products include a selection of:

  • Global & Polar Mosaics (ISIS Cube files)
  • Lunar Feature Posters
  • Global & Regional Map Sheets
  • Popular Support Files

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PDS Image Data

LROC releases much more than just cool images, we also release technical and scientific data. The PDS archives and distributes scientific data from NASA planetary missions, astronomical observations, and laboratory measurements. The PDS is sponsored by NASA's Science Mission Directorate. To learn more about PDS, visit here.

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