LROC 20th PDS Data Release

The 19th LROC Planetary Data System release includes NAC and WAC images acquired between 2014-06-16 to 2014-09-15. This release contains 70,759 EDR images - totaling 8.8 TB, and 70,759 CDR images - totaling 19 TB.

The LROC Team also released several new and reprocessed RDR products: 14 NAC Digital Terrain Models (DTM), ARAGO2, BRISBANEZ, CMPTNCRTR, CRISIUMVOLC, FECNDITATS2, FECNDITATS3, HELLCRTR, HENDERSON, LADEE1, LADEE2, MASKELYNE, MNDLSHTMLS, MNDLSHTMTY, RILLERDGE; and  39 new NAC anaglyph products with 63 reprocessed/re-released anaglyph products.

To date, the LROC Team has delivered 1,452,875 LROC images - totaling 168.2 TB for EDR (raw data) and over 11,021 derived (RDR) data products to the NASA Planetary Data System. The current RDR collection is comprised of: NAC DTMs, NAC ROI Mosaics, NAC North/South Polar Mosaics, WAC Global mosaic, WAC DTM, WAC Color Shade, WAC 7-band color mosaics (regional area),  and WAC ROI mosaics.The complete LROC PDS archive can be accessed via the URL:

One can also search for specific images or mosaic products using the LROC WMS Browse interface. Also, please be sure and try out our Quickmap interface!

Published by Ernest Bowman-Cisneros on 21 December 2014