LROC PDS Data Volume 42C Re-Release

The 42C LROC Planetary Data System release includes NAC and WAC images acquired from 2020-02-16 through 2020-03-15. This release contains 18,173 EDR images - totaling 2.3 TBytes, and 18,173 CDR images - totaling 4.8 TBytes.

This version changes 28 EDRs:

M1338734403LE M1338741568RE M1338741358LE M1338214490LE M1338748542LE M1338748293LE M1338263696LE M1338783716LE M1338790727LE M1338938419LE M1338875341LE M1338855172LE M1338263873LE M1338933612LE M1338741568LE M1338874901LE M1338937940LE M1338868137LE M1338875126LE M1338797798LE M1338750369LE M1338798070LE M1338776973LE M1338769775LE M1338938672LE M1338783422LE M1338938160LE M1338769554LE

This version changes 28 CDRs:

M1338776973LC M1338798070LC M1338750369LC M1338938672LC M1338769775LC M1338783422LC M1338938160LC M1338769554LC M1338855172LC M1338734403LC M1338748293LC M1338263873LC M1338748542LC M1338790727LC M1338263696LC M1338783716LC M1338741568RC M1338214490LC M1338938419LC M1338741358LC M1338875341LC M1338933612LC M1338868137LC M1338797798LC M1338741568LC M1338937940LC M1338874901LC M1338875126LC

This re-release corrects the DQI after excluding two mask columns from the image statistics.

Published by Nick Estes on 28 November 2021