LROC PDS Data Volume 36A Re-Release

The 36A LROC Planetary Data System release includes NAC and WAC images acquired from 2018-06-16 through 2018-07-15. This release contains 20,503 EDR images - totaling 2.4 TBytes, and 20,503 CDR images - totaling 5.1 TBytes.

This version changes 31 EDRs:

M1284717806RE M1284542077RE M1285103311RE M1284660733RE M1284717786RE M1284717828RE M1284624801RE M1284652901RE M1284617762RE M1284737202RE M1284596643RE M1284744229RE M1284610698RE M1284702082RE M1284835479RE M1284542119RE M1284540391RE M1284561474RE M1284575531RE M1284582574RE M1284793469RE M1284786390RE M1284807489RE M1284828559RE M1284821573RE M1284542097RE M1284498243RE M1284772381RE M1284568504RE M1284835607RE M1284542062RE

This version changes 31 CDRs:

M1284835607RC M1284542062RC M1284568504RC M1284737202RC M1284717786RC M1284717828RC M1284624801RC M1284744229RC M1284702082RC M1284660733RC M1284617762RC M1284540391RC M1284652901RC M1284542119RC M1284835479RC M1284561474RC M1285103311RC M1284582574RC M1284596643RC M1284542077RC M1284575531RC M1284786390RC M1284717806RC M1284793469RC M1284828559RC M1284542097RC M1284610698RC M1284807489RC M1284821573RC M1284772381RC M1284498243RC

This re-release corrects the DQI after excluding 2 mask columns from the image statistics.

Published by Nick Estes on 29 October 2021