LROC PDS Data Volume 3 Re-Release

The 3rd LROC Planetary Data System release includes NAC and WAC images acquired from 2010-03-16 through 2010-06-15. This release contains 68,458 EDR images - totaling 7.9 TBytes, and 68,458 CDR images - totaling 16.5 TBytes.

The 3 new observations were originally received corrupt, but were later retransmitted successfully by the ground station. The reprocessed observations were to ensure the target body labels are correct.

This version adds 3 EDRs:

M126932950LE M126939699LE M126953268LE

This version changes 11 EDRs:

M126147919LE E130954477CE E130954410CE E130954501CE E130954523CE E130954718CE E130954545CE E130954566CE E130954352CE E130954432CE E130954454CE

This version adds 3 CDRs:

M126932950LC M126939699LC M126953268LC

This version changes 11 CDRs:

M126147919LC E130954718CC E130954523CC E130954410CC E130954477CC E130954501CC E130954566CC E130954545CC E130954352CC E130954432CC E130954454CC

Published by Nick Estes on 13 September 2018