LROC PDS Data Volume 13 Re-Release

The 13th LROC Planetary Data System release includes NAC and WAC images acquired from 2012-09-16 through 2012-12-15. This release contains 75,274 EDR images - totaling 8.9 TBytes, and 75,274 CDR images - totaling 18.3 TBytes.

24 observations were reprocess to ensure the target body labels are correct.  M1109304867R and M1109304867L were reprocessed to correct the day of year.

This version changes 26 EDRs:

C1108968539LE C1108968413LE C1109016009LE C1108968804RE C1108967786RE C1108967655RE C1108969060LE C1108968038LE C1108968668RE C1108967912LE C1108968927RE C1108968163RE C1109014996RE C1109015126LE C1109015379RE C1109015879RE C1109015252LE C1109015754LE C1109015504RE C1109015630RE C1109016267LE C1109016144RE C1109016400LE C1108968289RE M1109304867RE M1109304867LE

This version changes 26 CDRs:

C1108968289RC C1108968539LC C1108968413LC C1109016009LC M1109304867LC C1109015630RC C1109015504RC C1109015754LC C1108968804RC C1108967786RC C1108967655RC C1108968927RC C1108968668RC C1108969060LC C1108968038LC C1108967912LC C1108968163RC C1109015379RC C1109015126LC C1109014996RC C1109016400LC C1109016144RC C1109015879RC C1109015252LC C1109016267LC M1109304867RC

Published by Nick Estes on 29 August 2018