LROC PDS Data Volume 14 Re-Release

The 14th LROC Planetary Data System release includes NAC and WAC images acquired from 2012-12-16 through 2013-03-15. This release contains 70,815 EDR images - totaling 8.6 TBytes, and 70,815 CDR images - totaling 17.7 TBytes.

22 of the reprocessed observations were to ensure the target body labels are correct.  M1111551266R and M1111551266L were reprocessed to correct the processed day of year.

This version changes 24 EDRs:

C1110394197RE C1110393625RE C1110415511RE C1110393857RE C1110421994RE C1110457503RE C1110386248RE C1110422593RE C1110422266RE C1110429155RE C1110429736RE C1110457583RE C1110401296RE C1110451028RE C1110458144RE C1110450672RE C1110400649RE C1110386528RE C1112050857LE C1110450425RE C1110450482RE M1111551266RE M1111551266LE M1112050857RE

This version changes 24 CDRs:

C1110394197RC C1110415511RC C1110393625RC C1110393857RC C1110457503RC C1110386248RC C1110458144RC C1110401296RC C1110451028RC C1110421994RC C1110422266RC C1110429155RC C1110422593RC C1110429736RC C1110457583RC C1112050857LC M1112050857RC C1110450425RC C1110450482RC M1111551266RC M1111551266LC C1110450672RC C1110386528RC C1110400649RC

Published by Nick Estes on 29 August 2018