LROC PDS Data Volume 15 Re-Release

The 15th LROC Planetary Data System release includes NAC and WAC images acquired from 2013-03-16 through 2013-06-15. This release contains 69,810 EDR images - totaling 8.7 TBytes, and 69,810 CDR images - totaling 18.0 TBytes.

The new products were originally received as corrupt observations, but were subsequently retransmitted to the SOC and processed successfully. The reprocessed NACs are to ensure the target body labels are correct, and the reprocessed WAC is to fix the label times from spanning a spacecraft clock boundary.

This version adds 20 EDRs:

M1124323824RE M1124324015RE M1124337852RE M1124338261RE M1124342887RE M1124343028RE M1124343233RE M1124343486RE M1124344826RE M1124350590RE M1124357183RE M1124357354RE M1124357558RE M1124357729RE M1124357878RE M1124358854RE M1124364566RE M1124364716RE M1124364841RE M1124366226RE

This version changes 3 EDRs:

C1121710045RE C1121710045LE M1102045221CE

This version adds 20 CDRs:

M1124323824RC M1124324015RC M1124337852RC M1124338261RC M1124342887RC M1124343028RC M1124343233RC M1124343486RC M1124344826RC M1124350590RC M1124357183RC M1124357354RC M1124357558RC M1124357729RC M1124357878RC M1124358854RC M1124364566RC M1124364716RC M1124364841RC M1124366226RC

This version changes 3 CDRs:

C1121710045LC C1121710045RC M1102045221CC

Published by Nick Estes on 28 August 2018