LROC PDS Data Volume 23 Re-Release

The 23rd LROC Planetary Data System release includes NAC and WAC images acquired from 2015-03-16 through 2015-06-15. This release contains 68,596 EDR images - totaling 8.7 TBytes, and 68,596 CDR images - totaling 18.1 TBytes.

Changes include 54 observations that were received and processed after the original PDS release, and two observations that were reprocessed with no data changes.

This version adds 54 EDRs:

M1188319815CE M1188320414RE M1188320486RE M1188320638RE M1188320657CE M1188320765RE M1188320765LE M1188320878RE M1188320878LE M1188320963RE M1188321073RE M1188321073LE M1188321099CE M1188321130RE M1188321253RE M1188321253LE M1188321819RE M1188322958RE M1188324167RE M1188324590ME M1188325025RE M1188325025LE M1188325080CE M1188325251RE M1188325251LE M1188325481RE M1188325481LE M1188325966RE M1188325966LE M1188326005CE M1188326209RE M1188326209LE M1188326465RE M1188326465LE M1188326571RE M1188326571LE M1188326777RE M1188326777LE M1188326865RE M1188326865LE M1188327023RE M1188327023LE M1188327101RE M1188327101LE M1188327238RE M1188327238LE M1188327314RE M1188327314LE M1188600559RE M1188600559LE M1188600761RE M1188600761LE M1188769623CE M1188775292RE

This version changes 2 EDRs:

M1186546467LE M1186546467RE

This version adds 54 CDRs:

M1188319815CC M1188320414RC M1188320486RC M1188320638RC M1188320657CC M1188320765RC M1188320765LC M1188320878RC M1188320878LC M1188320963RC M1188321073RC M1188321073LC M1188321099CC M1188321130RC M1188321253RC M1188321253LC M1188321819RC M1188322958RC M1188324167RC M1188324590MC M1188325025RC M1188325025LC M1188325080CC M1188325251RC M1188325251LC M1188325481RC M1188325481LC M1188325966RC M1188325966LC M1188326005CC M1188326209RC M1188326209LC M1188326465RC M1188326465LC M1188326571RC M1188326571LC M1188326777RC M1188326777LC M1188326865RC M1188326865LC M1188327023RC M1188327023LC M1188327101RC M1188327101LC M1188327238RC M1188327238LC M1188327314RC M1188327314LC M1188600559RC M1188600559LC M1188600761RC M1188600761LC M1188769623CC M1188775292RC

This version changes 2 CDRs:

M1186546467LC M1186546467RC

Published by Nick Estes on 12 July 2018