LROC PDS Data Volume 32 Re-Release

The 32nd LROC Planetary Data System release includes NAC and WAC images acquired from 2017-06-16 through 2017-09-15. This release contains 59,397 EDR images - totaling 7.6 TBytes, and 59,397 CDR images - totaling 15.8 TBytes.

There were 58 EDRs and CDRs that were improperly tagged as having missing data. The labels for these products have been fixed; there were no changes to any DN values.

This version changes 58 EDRs:

M1255042748CE M1255042178CE M1255104633CE M1255042443CE M1255044671CE M1255056465CE M1255043830CE M1255043140CE M1255056748CE M1255057895CE M1255055846CE M1255051684CE M1255108173CE M1255058487CE M1255048769CE M1255063255CE M1255056243CE M1255058237CE M1255097578CE M1255101178CE M1255049750CE M1255062858CE M1255057107CE M1255090588CE M1255049453CE M1255044161CE M1255092612RE M1255069868CE M1255051478CE M1255063523CE M1255051321CE M1255064186CE M1255050121CE M1255044423CE M1255065536CE M1255063820CE M1255100215RE M1255070310CE M1255065790CE M1255092401RE M1255091933RE M1255086369RE M1255091471RE M1255098748RE M1255085889RE M1255085240RE M1255098968RE M1255099222RE M1255099686RE M1255049188CE M1255100426RE M1255092181RE M1255105808RE M1255098522RE M1255041759CE M1255094125CE M1255091696RE M1255105567RE

This version changes 58 CDRs:

M1255056465CC M1255048769CC M1255104633CC M1255049750CC M1255063255CC M1255042443CC M1255056243CC M1255051478CC M1255097578CC M1255058237CC M1255090588CC M1255049453CC M1255063523CC M1255101178CC M1255055846CC M1255044671CC M1255042748CC M1255051684CC M1255058487CC M1255063820CC M1255057895CC M1255042178CC M1255051321CC M1255056748CC M1255064186CC M1255069868CC M1255065536CC M1255108173CC M1255062858CC M1255043830CC M1255070310CC M1255044161CC M1255044423CC M1255065790CC M1255043140CC M1255091933RC M1255050121CC M1255049188CC M1255085240RC M1255092401RC M1255057107CC M1255092612RC M1255099686RC M1255086369RC M1255100215RC M1255085889RC M1255099222RC M1255091471RC M1255105808RC M1255098968RC M1255098748RC M1255100426RC M1255092181RC M1255098522RC M1255094125CC M1255041759CC M1255091696RC M1255105567RC

Published by Nick Estes on 18 May 2018