LROC PDS Data Volume 30 Re-Release

The 30th LROC Planetary Data System release includes NAC and WAC images acquired from 2016-12-16 through 2017-03-15. This release contains 54,734 EDR images - totaling 6.9 TBytes, and 54,734 CDR images - totaling 14.2 TBytes.

There were 34 EDRs and CDRs that were improperly tagged as having missing data. The labels for these products have been fixed; there were no changes to any DN values.

This version changes 34 EDRs:

M1239825560LE M1239826566LE M1239828120LE M1239827466LE M1239825512RE M1239827217LE M1239827870LE M1239828120RE M1239828493RE M1239827538RE M1239828153RE M1239825611RE M1239827328RE M1239827466RE M1239827870RE M1239826608RE M1239826222LE M1239826794RE M1239826222RE M1239828644RE M1239825969RE M1239827652RE M1239827008RE M1239828277RE M1239825757RE M1239828160CE M1239827936CE M1239827573CE M1239825889CE M1239826134CE M1239826403CE M1239828708CE M1239825560CE M1239826749CE

This version changes 34 CDRs:

M1239826566LC M1239828120LC M1239827466LC M1239828120RC M1239825560LC M1239825512RC M1239827538RC M1239827466RC M1239827870LC M1239828153RC M1239827217LC M1239828493RC M1239827870RC M1239827328RC M1239826794RC M1239827652RC M1239826608RC M1239825611RC M1239828277RC M1239825969RC M1239828644RC M1239825757RC M1239826222RC M1239826222LC M1239827008RC M1239827936CC M1239828160CC M1239827573CC M1239828708CC M1239825889CC M1239826134CC M1239826403CC M1239825560CC M1239826749CC

Published by Nick Estes on 4 May 2018