Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

LROC Narrow Angle Camera (NAC)


Narrow Angle Camera Specifications:

Pixel Scale:0.5 meter per pixel (10 micro-radian IFOV)*
Maximum Image size:2.5 x 26 km*
Optics:f/3.59 Cassegrain (Ritchey-Chretien)
Effective Focal Length:700 mm
Primary Mirror Diameter:195 mm
Field of View:2.85° per NAC
MTF (Nyquist):> 0.23
Structure + baffle:graphite-cyanate composite
Detector:Kodak KLI-5001G
Pixel format:1 x 5,064
Noise:76 e-
A/D Converter:Honeywell ADC9225
FPGA:Actel RT54SX32-S
Mass:8.2 kg per NAC
Volume:70 cm x 27 cm diameter
Peak Power:9.3 W
Average Power:6.4 W
Sensitivity:400-750 nm
Voltage:28 V DC
Radiometric Accuracy:1% relative, 10% absolute
Detector Digitization:12-bit, encoded to 8-bit

*At an altitude of 50 km

Camera: NAC
Image Width: km
Location in exhibit: Tycho & Copernican Craters
Image ID:

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