Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

Copernican Craters


Set of two fresh unnamed impact craters with large, spectacular ejecta patterns. Because they still have rays they are Copernican aged, which covers the last 1 billion years in the lunar geologic timescale. Could they be as old as 1 billion years? Not likely. Since they are so bright and have very few superposed impact craters they are very young, surely less than 100 million years and possibly as young as a few million years. Each is incredibly well preserved: crisp crater rims, steep crater walls, and delicate small scale ejecta patterns. Both images were acquired while the Sun was nearly overhead which highlights surface brightness (albedo) variations.

Lat: -2.741°
Long: 37.231°
Camera: NAC
Image Width: 3.2 km
Location in exhibit: Tycho & Copernican Craters
Image ID: M108992058LR

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