Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

LROC 5th PDS Release

The 5th LROC Planetary Data System (PDS) release includes images acquired between 16 September 2010 and 15 December 2010. This release includes 69,505 EDR images totaling 8498 Gbytes and 69,528 CDR images totaling 17,651 Gbytes worth of data.

The LROC Team also made its first Reduced Data Record (RDR) release, which represents a culmination of hard work calibrating, map projecting, and creating mosaics and topographic maps from LROC images. The RDR release includes a global WAC monochrome mosaic, NAC mosaics for 40 regions of interest (ROI), numerous NAC DTM products, NAC North and South Polar mosaics, several example WAC UV and VIS regional mosaics, and over 8000 WAC North and South Pole co-registered images. The RDR release totals over 8400 images totaling over 2 Tbytes of data.

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