Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

Operations Journal Commissioning

I would like to be the first to welcome you to our new LROC Operations Journal

So what is this journal all about?

This journal will receive regular postings from the LROC team. What do we do? How do we know what to image and when? What do we do with the images once they are on the ground? What is housekeeping data? And many other topics.

This means you will get to hear a little from everyone from time to time! Everyone from our scientists and specialists to our programmers, general staff, and student workers.  You'll get to learn a little more about each of us in own words and how we contribute to the success of LROC!

But... We are focusing this journal to one of our key audiences... aspiring and interested students everywhere who want to learn more about NASA's current Moon mission!

Our posts will be more than just insights into our day-to-day operations... they will be personal insights that your typical elementary school student can understand and appreciate!

We sincerely hope that as this journal progresses that you will find it insightful, interesting, personal, and easy to understand!