Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

Apollo 14 Landing Site


With the engineering successes of Apollo 11 and 12 the next mission was dedicated to scientific exploration of the Moon – destination the Fra Mauro highlands. The main science goal for Al Shepard and Ed Mitchell was acquiring samples from a range of depths as far down as 30 or 40 meters – without a drill! Nature provided the astronauts with a cross section of the local geology in the form of ejecta from Cone crater (340 m diameter). The outer edges of the ejecta are composed of material from near the surface where the asteroid (or comet) impacted, while the ejecta at the rim of the crater comes from deepest regions within the crater. All the key science goals were met with two extra-vehicular activities lasting just under 10 hours total.

Traverse the Apollo 14 Landing Site

Lat: -3.645°
Long: 342.528°
Camera: NAC
Image Width: 1.8 km
Location in exhibit: Lunar Exploration Sites
Image ID: M175388134LR

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