Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

West to East View Over Taurus Littrow Valley


The Taurus Littrow valley, seen here from two perspectives, one looking west-to-east (top) and the other west-to-east (bottom), was explored by Apollo 17 astronauts Jack Schmitt and Gene Cernan for three days in December of 1972. One of largest lobate scarps on the Moon, named Lee-Lincoln, runs generally NNW to SSE for over 30 km and crosses the valley on the western side (lower image). In fact the astronauts drove up and onto the scarp to investigate the rocks of South Massif.

Lat: 20.23°
Long: 30.563°
Camera: NAC
Image Width: 40.0 km
Location in exhibit: Lunar Exploration Sites
Image ID: M1096343661LR

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