Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

Tycho Central Peak


In the center of Tycho crater is a prominent, isolated mountain. This central peak rises 2,000 m above the crater floor. Central peaks form when the crust rebounds after the initial impact energy is released. Imagine a 2000 m peak rising up and taking its final form in tens of seconds! A testament to the awesome power of impacts. The central peak rose up through a massive pool of impact melt, you can see an armor plating of cooled melt on the upper reaches of the peak; it is darker than material downslope and exhibits a sharp brittle edge. A truly magnificent landscape.

Lat: -43.41°
Long: 348.467°
Camera: NAC
Image Width: 16.0 km
Location in exhibit: Tycho & Copernican Craters
Image ID: M181286769LR

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